Checklist for {{dealerPartner.short_name}} Pickup

What to expect when you pick up your car.

Please Have the Following Items Ready
Necessary Items
  • Current Driver's License
  • Current Insurance Card Showing Valid Dates
  • Personal Check and/or Credit Card
(If personal check, it's best not to write the check until we are with you. If you want to use a credit card for your Total Due at Signing, please check with us in advance.)

If you have a Trade-in
  • Certificate of Title
  • Current Registration
  • Both Sets of Keys
  • Owner’s manual and anything that goes with the car such as headrests, floor mats, rear privacy cover, etc.

Step 1 Your Arrival

Your Delivery Specialist will have your new car prepped and paperwork ready for your scheduled pickup date and time.

Step 2 ID Verification

Once you arrive at our dealership your Delivery Specialist will verify your license and identity.


Step 3 Paperwork

Your Delivery Specialist will walk you through the paperwork, verify the numbers, answer any questions you may have and then have you sign the documents.


Step 4 Payment

Your Delivery Specialist will collect payment for the amount due at signing. A personal check is fine, but please don't fill out the check in advance - your Delivery Specialist will walk you through all the paperwork first. Alternatively, if requested in advance, you may be able to pay using a credit card (up to a limit of {{dealerPartner.credit_card_limit | money}}).


Step 5 Vehicle Walkthrough

Once the paperwork is complete your Delivery Specialist will set up your Bluetooth, show you how to use the other features on your new car, and answer any questions you have.


Step 6 Trade-In (Optional)

If you have a trade-in, your Delivery Specialist will verify condition as described, have you sign DMV documents, and take your keys!

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my license plates arrive?
Your plates should arrive within 2–12 weeks. Your temporary registration is the sticker in the passenger side of your windshield and is valid for 6 months; please keep it there until your plates arrive. Your permanent registration (for the first year) will be included in the package that your plates arrive in.

How can I set up auto-pay/when is my first bill due?
You can set up auto-pay once you receive your first bill in the mail by calling the customer service number listed. Have your checking account and routing number ready (you can not set-up auto-pay with a credit card). It may take up to 45 days for you to receive a bill (unfortunately, we do not control this) from the bank you are financing or leasing your vehicle from. It’s best to call the bank if you haven’t received the bill within a week of your first payment due date and make that payment over the phone. You can also set up auto-pay then.

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